Who we are

We are supply chain experts with decades of senior leadership experience across the agri-food sector. We are imaginative, resourceful, different and creative, with our feet firmly rooted in agriculture and food.

Duncan Rawson, Partner

I’m a farmer at heart. I started farming when I was 11 years old, milking cows and driving tractors on a mixed farm in the Derbyshire village I was bought up in. After graduating from Seale Hayne College with a degree in agriculture, I worked for a variety of dairy and arable businesses before becoming CEO of a regional milk cooperative. I joined EFFP at its inception in 2004 and in 2010 was involved in the management buyout of the business.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with a wide range of agri-food businesses to create, deliver and implement inventive new supply chains and business strategies. I’m known for my ability to see the wood for the trees, restless creative energy and drive to get things done.

Howard Radcliffe, Partner

I’ve had a keen interest in farming and the environment since I was young. This led me to graduating from Wye College with a degree in horticulture, to working in the agri-food industry. For the past 25 years I have worked for a range of fresh produce and food manufacturing businesses, setting up and refining supply bases around the world and delivering perishable foods in an efficient, sustainable and ethical manner. I have worked with suppliers in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas, implementing best practice at source and ensuring end to end efficiency in the supply chain. I have led technical, procurement and broader supply chain planning and logistics teams through my career. My focus is building collaborative relationships throughout the supply chain, increasing efficiency to reduce cost and waste for all parties.

Our beliefs

  • Food and farming are a force for good
  • We need big ideas to really make a difference
  • We need the courage to be radical and think the unthinkable
  • We can achieve great things by working together across businesses and supply chains
  • We can find practical solutions to complex problems by breaking them into bite-size chunks
  • We need strategies that are flexible and adaptable

Our values and approach

In it for the long haul: We are not interested in quick fixes. We become an integral part of our clients’ teams and working to deliver long-term benefits.

Tell it like it is: We are not scared to have difficult conversations and challenge the status quo.

Get the job done: Everything we do is rooted in practical application.

Invest in relationships: We protect and nurture our partnerships as trust and longevity is the key to success – yours and ours.

Never stop learning: Knowledge and learning are our lifeblood. We are always looking for opportunities to learn and challenge our own assumptions.